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Are you ready to train, instead of just run? Have you struggled to close out some races that you know you could do better at? Are you finding it hard to get fitter and faster? Perhaps constant niggles are preventing consistency? You have that BIG EVENT coming up and you’re ready to hand over the reins!?

Whatever your reason- WELCOME!

We offer fully Custom Training Plans designed for optimum outcome and peak performance when you need it most. We Mentor, Coach, and Journey with you side by side as you knock off YOUR goals with a full-beam smile on your face!

Why train with us?

You are an individual, with your own needs and goals. We don’t have a ‘one plan fits all,’ or a ‘one method fits all’ approach. We walk alongside you every step of the way so you get to realize your full potential.

Putting together a great race- whether it’s a 5k PB, a fast Road Marathon, or a 100 Mile Endurance run requires much more than just a run plan. We believe that fit, strong, healthy runners make GREAT all round Athletes. Our approach is more of a holistic nature where we take an interest in the overall picture of each individual. We then journey the path together- Coaching and Mentoring you to not only reach your goals- but to have a blast in the process!

So, why train with us? Because WE CARE about YOU! Reach out, let’s talk about your goals and ideas.

If you’re ready to ‘get into it’- book your free consult.

Or, If you want to have a yarn to find out more, or need help planning which races to do- you can book that here.

Run Coaching

Ongoing month to month Training Plan and 1:1 Run Mentoring

  • Smash Long Term Goals
  • Learn How to Train
  • Flexibility
  • Accountability
  • One on One

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$30 per week

Fully Custom Run Plan

Strength & Mobility

Fortnightly Check-Ins

Free Training Peaks Premium

Go Silver

$60 per week

Fully Custom Run Plan

Strength & Mobility

Anytime Message Check-Ins

Training Sessions Monitored + Feedback

Monthly 1:1 Coach Catch up

Free Training Peaks Premium

Free Access to CMF Run Club

Go Gold

$100 per week

Everything in Silver Plus:

Strength & Mobility- Weekly 30 Minute 1:1 Session With Char

Custom Nutrition/Supplement Programme & Ongoing Monthly Sessions with Bridget Hurd

CMF Run Club

From $52 per year join The CMF Run Club. Ready to Go Training Plans, Partner Discounts to all things Running, Live Coach Q & As, and a Supportive Community of quirky runners having a crack at living their best life!

How It Works

To start- we have your free consult where we’ll get to know each other a little. We’ll dive deep and discuss all matters of your running history to date, events you may have done, your time availability to train, current niggles, prior injury history, and target race/adventure/endurance goals.

In a matter of days, you will be following your Custom Training Plan! You do your best to work through the sessions that we prescribe, but no ‘beat ups’ if life happens ok. If you need pushing we will push you, if you need us to lower the bar because life pops up we can do that too. It’s all about working with what is presented in life as we journey along.

We meet weekly or monthly, we monitor your key sessions where applicable and provide feedback.

Our Clients that we see have the best results are the individuals that set their goals with our guidance, who methodically move through the Sessions we prescribe, use the feedback tools available, attend their catch-ups, increase their knowledge base through our resources, and get involved in the CMF Community. We’re here to help, and our mission is to help you be the best well-rounded athlete that you can be. There’s nothing more satisfying to us than seeing our clients smash their goals!

If you’re ready to start you can book your consult here and let’s get into it!

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