Custom Made Fitness

You’ve been running for a while, now you’re ready to take things to the next level!

Have you struggled to close out some races that you know you could do better at? Are you finding it hard to get fitter and faster? Perhaps regular injury and constant niggles are preventing consistency? You have that BIG RACE coming up and you’re ready to hand over the reins!?

Whatever your reason – WELCOME!

We offer fully Personalized, Event-specific Training Plans designed to give you the most optimum outcome, whilst still fitting into your schedule. We then journey with you side by side as you achieve YOUR goals!

Why train with us?

You are an individual, with your own needs and goals. We don’t have a ‘one plan fits all’ approach. We walk alongside you every step of the way so you can reach your full potential.

Putting together a great race- whether it’s a 5k PB or a 100 Mile Endurance run requires much more than just a run plan. We believe that fit, strong, healthy, mobile runners make GREAT all round Athletes! Our approach is more of a holistic nature where we take an interest in the overall picture of each individual. We then work together in our CMF Run Club sharing inspiration and community with each other.

So, why train with us? Because WE CARE about YOU! Reach out, let’s talk about your goals and ideas.

Need help with setting goals in the first place? Let’s talk about that too!

Ongoing Coaching Packages

Go Bronze

$75 per month

Custom Run Plan Updated Every Month

Regular Email Check-Ins

Strength & Mobility

Members Only FB Group

Live Coaches Q & A

Go Silver

$150 per month

Custom Run Plan Updated Every Month

Training Sessions Monitored

Monthly 1:1 Catch Up + Emails Whenever

Custom Strength & Mobility

Members Only FB Group

Live Coaches Q & A

Go Gold

$260 per month

Custom Run Plan Updated Every Month

Training Sessions Monitored

Nutrition/Supplement Programme

Weekly 1:1 Coach or Strength Sessions

All Race Execution Plans included

1 Year Free Access to CMF Run Club

Any Questions?

Reach out, we’d love to chat about how we can help you to reach your training goals..

How It Works

Whether you have your events lined up or not, a really good starting point is having a Discovery Video Call on Zoom. A relaxed chat, getting to know each other is a way in which you can get some insight into what lay ahead!

From there, we start to build out your plan either on Training Peaks or on our own App. We always build out a small part first so we can test that the plan is working right for you around your schedule and goals. Once we know we have the mix right we start to pad it all out for you!

We monitor your key sessions where applicable, provide feedback so you know where to improve, and we’re always available for email check-ins and queries. There are informative Training FAQ’s and Strength workouts on our CMF YouTube Channel, and every fortnight we have our Live Coaches Q & A on our Private CMF Run Club Facebook Group where you can dive a bit deeper!

BIG race coming up? Get a Race Execution Plan the week before the event so you’ll be toeing that line nice and chilled out knowing exactly what you gotta do!

You can move up and down the Coaching Packages to suit your time of the season, and in your ‘Off-Season,’ you can keep plugged into your CMF Run Club Family for just $1 per week!

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