About Us

Our Story

Custom Made Fitness as it is today, is at the end, and at the beginning of a chain of events that have occurred over the past few years! Evolved from a mish-mash of humble beginnings in early 2020 just before the level 4 lockdown. At that time we were more Personal Training focused, where we would train clients looking to get stronger and more mobile. After a short time though, through our running networks, we started to be asked to make Run Training Plans. The rest is history! Today we are fully ‘all in’ on helping all types of runners from beginners to athletes achieve their goals.

In the 2nd half of 2021, we established our Accredited Partner Programme, our Free Sponsored Coaching Initiatives, and The CMF Run Club. We believe no one should miss out on being able to train and attend events, and definitely, no one should be missing out on the connection and fulfilment that comes from running with ya mates!

We are really proud of what is unfolding. Not because of us or anything that we are doing- but because of our members and what they are achieving! To watch runners achieve their goals, smash their races, find community, and then inspire others is what really gets us out of bed in the morning!

Our Lifestyle

Yes- we live in a House Bus full time! It’s not for everyone we know, but it is for us, and we love it! First of all, it was just Chris on his own- he decided on a different way of life after experiencing total burnout in 2017. At that time he had a full-on distribution business in Central and West Auckland. It was a business that operated 7 days per week day and night. Pretty crazy looking back! In 2017 he had a bunch of ‘life stuff’ happen which included his Mum passing away after being unwell for many years. Long story short- it all prompted a life revision, coupled with the realisation that life really is short. Its not just a saying!

In 2019 little Chrissy Boy met little Sharly Girl! Of course- it was a run on our first date! Then as the story goes the rest is history! We love living on the road. There’s nothing we love more than traveling to new towns or cities and going on group runs, or returning to places often traveled to catch up and reconnect with friends and run groups. It’s the very essence of what has driven us to end up where we are today with Custom Made Fitness, and The CMF Run Club!


Charlotte Milne
Personal Trainer & Runners Strength Coach

  • Certificate in Personal Training Level 4 & 5
  • Using Sports Science to Train Certificate
  • Run & Racing Experience since Teenage Years
  • 15 Years of Strength Training Experience
  • Passionate about using Nutrition for Performance (and life!) Optimization

Chris Lucas
Specialist Run Coach

  • Using Sports Science to Train Cert
  • Mentor- Dr Will Oconnor
  • Training Peaks Level 1 Accredited
  • Lydiad Certified Coach Lvl 1 (Ongoing)
  • 3 Years Experience Run Coaching
  • 10+ Years Experience Mentoring/Leadership
  • Lifetime of Training (on and off!) Experience