Eating Out- 26 June 2020

I thought covering the topic of eating out would be a good one as its often a tricky one if we are trying to eat well. As we had family here this weekend we had a good few meals out! 

An ideal scenario is that we wouldn’t eat out at all ever- takeaways or restaurants, as it doesn’t really matter what you do your going to be having things that are not the best for you. However- we want to live and we want to spend time with family! What we try and do is only eat out on occasions- family visits, special occasions, weekends away etc. We try and steer away from habitual things like weekly takeaway nights and buying lunch outside. 

For exercising and training we need good clean energy, so consistency is the key- and boy did I pay for those meals out! I noticed a drop in my energy and my mood, and found the early part of the week very sluggish.

So my rule of thumb to summarise: Don’t be hard on yourself, but do try your best. Consistency is the key.