ZZZFrequently Asked Questions

It’s Natural To Have Questions

What if I don’t have any workout equipment?

That’s OK, to start off with you don’t need anything. In fact, many of my members are more than happy exclusively doing the Bodyweight workouts that are on the ‘Lets Go’ plan. Between that, the Cardio sessions, & the Workout of the Week there’s plenty to keep you going!

I don’t know anything about equipment…. Where can I buy Kettlebells, Dumbbells and Resistance Bands?

Awesome that’s why I am here- to help you in your exercise and wellness journey! You can buy them from anywhere you like it depends on your personal preference. Here are some links to 3 of my Articles each one covering different pieces of equipment. Also, always feel free to reach out on the Group Chat within the app too and ask.

Resistance Bands – https://custommadefitness.nz/resistance-bands/

Dumbbells – https://custommadefitness.nz/dumbbells/

Kettlebells – https://custommadefitness.nz/kettlebells/

Do you make programmes for Body Builders and Athletes?

Yes, I do, as an athlete myself, I know the importance of specificity for our chosen disciplines. Check out the ‘Go Personalised’ or ‘Go All In’ programmes- these are fully personalised and custom to suit individual needs. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions about these too!

Do you provide Meal Plans?

We are in the process of bringing a Nutritionist into our team, so watch this space! How it will work is all CM Fitness members will get access to my library of recipes, then you will have the added option of being able to choose a meal plan that suits your needs.

What is the Trainerize App?

Trainerize is our fitness app provider, so when you initially become a CM Fitness member and get the download link in your emails you will notice the Trainerize logo just for the setup process. We have chosen this partnership as they are specialists at providing this fitness application- which means constant updates and enhancements for our members!

How do One on One Video Call Sessions Work?

Super easy, all you need is your phone as a minimum, I link up with you at our pre-booked time and away we go! Video Sessions are personalised to YOU and it’s a great way for us to catch up about your training or any questions you might have. Many of my members choose the ‘Let’s Go’ programme and get the additional Video Call session each week, which offers both great value and helps to keep you motivated!

What am I Subscribing to!?

If you subscribe to Charlotte Milne Fitness you get all my member benefits which include access to my training app, all your workouts, and access to all other products and services on the Charlotte Milne Fitness Platform! (eg- nutrition info, video call sessions, weekly updates etc.)

What else is on your Fitness App other than my workouts?

There’s a whole bunch of user-friendly stuff- you can sync your Fitbit or Apple watch, add progress photos, update and track body stats, add workouts to your training calendar, and more! Feel free to reach out and ask any more questions on our ‘contact us’ page or request a call from one of my team.

Do you do monthly challenges?

Yes we do. You can participate in the monthly challenge once you have signed up for a plan with Charlotte Milne Fitness. Please refer the blog section on the website will detailed information on monthly challenges. For quick reference visit the link – https://custommadefitness.nz/welcome-to-februarys-monthly-challenge/

More Questions?

We’d love to hear from you! If you have further questions please feel free to reach out in my ”contact us” page. You can even request a call back and one of my team will call you back to talk through any queries you might have.