How It Works

Depending on the level of Ongoing Coaching you choose, you can expect that we will be looking at your Training, providing Feedback where applicable, making Adjustments where needed, providing Pacing Plans for upcoming Events, and that we’ll be meeting on a Monthly Video Call for a Coach Catch Up.

Monthly Video Call Catch Ups:
For our $60 per week Clients, we have a Monthly Video Call Catch Up. This is where we discuss all matters relating to how your Training has been going, how you’re travelling mentally balancing life and training, what’s coming up in your schedule, and upcoming Goals. If it’s close to a Race, we’ll be discussing your Pacing Plan too. While Training with us you’ll be learning how to Train, skills that you will have for Life!

Just Awesome Run Coaching
The awesome thing about getting 1:1 Ongoing Coaching is we can adapt your plan to suit all different circumstances throughout the year, things like: Changes in work schedule, niggles, long weekends, under the weather etc. It’s far superior than following a Plan that’s already made out. This plan is FOR YOU! That’s the Custom Made Fitness difference.

Changing Plans or Taking a break
At different times of your Annual Training, if you wish, you can move into different areas of our Coaching Set up:
- One on One Coaching Options range from $30pw to $60pw
- Training Group Plans- $15pw
- CMF Run Club- $5pw

At times this is Client led, and at times this is Coach led. i.e. If we find you’re not receiving the full benefits of what you’re paying for, then we’ll have a chat about moving you to another tier. That makes things more sustainable.

Equally though, if we can see that you’d benefit from more interaction, then we’ll float that as an idea too!

Our Clients:
Our Clients that we see have the best results are the individuals that set their goals with our guidance, who methodically move through the sessions prescribed, who use the feedback tools available, and who attend their scheduled Coach Calls. Really important is that you Trust the Process! Engaging a Coach can be a scary thing for some. For many of us, we have self-Coached for many years, so what possibly can you gain you might be asking!? Well, the one thing we hear from many Clients after a while is: ‘I had no Idea how good being 1:1 Coached is!

So, it is a process. It’s a process of Trust, a process of letting go, and a process of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable! Like anything new in life there’s adjustment. We’re here to support you on that journey.