Fun Fact about Kettlebells: They originated from Russian farmers in the 1700s! They were used as a tool to measure crops but a bored farmer started swinging them around and soon realised he was gaining strength. They were not being used much in recent times until Cross-fit started using them as a strong piece of equipment. Nowadays, they are seen as a standard piece of equipment in your gym (especially at home) and are a really fun way of doing functional strength work which I LOVE! 

Common single kettlebell exercises I do for myself and recommend to members are:
Goblet Squats

As a starting weight, I recommend the 6kg or 8kg kettlebell. There are lots of different types in terms of size, material and quality. See the below photos- both are 8KG but are different sizes and material. The bigger one is better for deadlifts as it means you don’t go so close to the ground. However, the smaller one is better for handling for other exercises such as swings and goblet squats due to being smaller. I would also recommend avoiding the plastic ones as they are hard on your hands.  

Check out the button below it will take you to one of my recommended types. Of course, if you have any questions then please ask!