Know Your Ingredients

Ok so this is a topic about ingredients in packet food, or anything that is packaged in the supermarket or food shop. In an ideal world we (as in us humans!) wouldn’t be sourcing any food that comes in a packet from a factory, we would be growing, farming, and making our own food from scratch. But….. the reality is that we are all busy with work, family commitments and just life! The next best thing then is to be aware of what ingredients go into these packet foods as not all packaged food is created equal. There’s a lot effort in mainstream media put into us reading the nutritional table, but not much effort put into reading the ingredients list- which when you think about is just pure crazy!

I’ll try and keep this brief as its a big topic- in fact the next Webinar I do I think I’ll make it on this topic! 

What we WANT in an ingredients list
– A short list (not a massive list of ingredients)
– Actual Food Ingredients- things that we understand and can relate to

What we DONT want:
– A huge never-ending list that takes up the whole packet with words we don’t understand!
– Things on the list that don’t really make sense to the actual food product e.g.- milk powder with Salami lol!
– A list of things with all sorts of numbers and codes attached to them
– Additives, preservatives, and sugars added.

A good rule of thumb with all this:
If a specific ingredient or for that matter the entire product sounds like its been created in a lab- then it probably has, in which case its probably not the best for us! 

Spend some time this week looking at the ingredients of things in your pantry or fridge. You may be blown away, I’d love to hear from you about anything that you discover!