$30 Per Week (Copy)

$30.00 / week

A Fully Custom Run Plan tailored to your Schedule and Level, for an affordable price.

  • Fully Custom Run Plan, Optimised to your Ability, Schedule, & Races
  • Strength & Mobility Scheduled
  • Monthly 1:1 Coach Session with Your Run Coach, Chris Lucas
  • Free Training Peaks Premium
  • FB Training Group


Not Available on this Coaching Option: (All the below & More is Available on our $60pw Plan)

  • Direct 1:1 Coach Messaging, Emailing, or Training Peaks interaction
  • Sessions aren’t Monitored Weekly (but are when we have our Monthly 1:1 Coach Session)
  • No Pace Planning for Lead-Up Events to ‘A Races’

Feel free to book a Discovery Call with us here to see if this Plan is right for you or to have a Goal Setting Session!

Otherwise, hit ‘SIGN ME UP’ see you on the other side!

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