CMF Autumn Meal Plan

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Our 4-week Autumn Meal Plan has enough variety in it that you can use it over and over through the season! It’s broken down into days and weeks. Adapt it to suit your needs, or follow it exactly- the choice is yours.

All Charlotte Milne Fitness Meal Plans come with:

  • Each day/week/meal mapped out for you!
  • Accompanying 20 Recipes for all your main meals
  • General Healthy Eating Guide

** All our Meal Plans are made by our in-house Nutritionist Bridget Hurd and are optimised to deliver you a well-balanced diet and maximum nutritional benefit.

** After purchase we will email everything to you as soon as we can!

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Our Seasonal Meal Plans are ideal for anyone, or any family who want to ‘reset’ their habits, add some new variety, or take that first step into eating right!

Meal Plans work when we are not hard on ourselves from the outset. Treat it like a pathway to making better choices and increasing your nutritional knowledge. Feel free to use it to suit you, and above all- don’t beat yourself up if you miss the mark! Just resume your pathway at the next available opportunity.

NB: If you have particular food intolerances or autoimmune deficiencies, please reach out to us- we can provide taylored 1:1 options with Bridget which can include the supplementation that you may need.

** Questions? Feel Free to reach out:

  • Book a free no-obligation call back right here!