Resistance Bands

Resistance training improves your strength and makes daily living easier. By using an external resistance (the band) it helps the muscles to contract- therefore improve your strength, tone, mass or endurance. They are a great alternative to weights. They are light, compact, easy to store in your home and can create a killer workout!

I’ve listed the 3 types below along with positives and negatives for each type:

1) Mini Bands- Also known as Booty Bands
-Great for booty exercises and lower body workouts
-Can turn any body-weight exercise into a killer exercise. Increases the intensity
-Come in packs of 3 to 6 with various resistance- offers great variety

-Restrictive for upper body exercises
-Lots of average brands out there. I would recommend spending over $10 per band. The quality and the resistance will be better. 

2) Long Resistance Band- Made to withstand higher force
-Great for stretching- can be used for PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscuar Failiation) which is great for improving flexibility and increasing range of motion  
-Helps with digression of exercises- such as helping with pull ups
-Can be used to create resistance with other exercises such as bench press, dead lifts and squatting.

-Limited for lower body resistance exercises
-There is less you can do with them in terms of resistance in the home workout setting

3) Resistance Tubes
-Great for upper body exercises such as bicep curls, shoulder lateral and front raise and back exercises such as lat pull down.
-Great for warming up upper body-in conjunction with weights

-Limited for increasing intensity to your workouts.
-Once you have gained the strength of the band you can no longer increase the resistance
-Can’t use in conjunction with another exercise  

Overall I would start your resistance band collection with mini bands. We all love working on our booty’s and they are an effective way too do so! Here’s a picture of my bands- I got them from Elite Fitness- links below.