Softening the blow on junk food

We all love it, we all eat it and we all will always eat it! I’m not of these fitness professionals selling you the dream that I eat perfectly all the time, it really is OK to eat junk food from time to time. I think where we have problems with junk food is if we are using it as a crutch or we are just eating it all the time- it can be a hard hole to get out of, I’m sure we have all been there- some may be there right now as your reading this. It’s OK.

I am going to give some tips and tricks on how to ‘soften the blow’ when it comes to junk food:

Make your own ‘junk food’ at home.
Making your own is beneficial because:
– Gets your children involved 
– You can make your own patties from scratch-so you know what is in them
– You can make your own pizza bases- OR the cauliflower/whole meal bases are best. Another tips is thin based is better (fewer simple carbs)
– Make homemade chips from Potatoes or Kumara- Not pre made in a packet 

If Eating out at a restaurant or café:
Your maxed out on junk food and your caught out at a social occasion at a restaurant or cafe:
– choose something simple on the menu
– avoid the junk food items
– ask them to adjust your meal slightly- eg- ‘half sauce’ 
– If at a cafe I’ll often just order the simplest egg option on the menu- bit safer than a ‘big breakfast!’

Recommended places to go for Junk Food Fix: 
Burgers: Burger Fuel (as for half sauce on your burgers!) OR a good Fish and Chip Shop 
Pizza: Local Restaurant 
Chinese OR Indian Restaurants- dumplings etc. 
Turkish- Kebabs  
I recommend avoiding fast food places such as McDonalds, KFC or Dominos. The ingredients that they use are mass produced in a factories using all sorts of non food ingredients, additives and preservatives. There is zero nutritional benefit in that food.

How often do I recommended buying junk food eating out?
Once per week to Once per fortnight- that includes all meals! 

Making junk food at home
Brunch-Once a week
Dinner-Once a week 

That’s it for this week I hope you guys have a great week coming up and take care of yourselves and keep moving!
Charlotte xx