Stress & Meditation

When you are stressed, your body is running on its ‘fight or flight’ system. This system is designed to be active when we are in danger, but it is also active when we are stressed. Running on this system regularly and over a long period of time is harmful to your physical and mental health. Stress also has a negative effect on us when it comes to our body finding its natural weight- eg. if your goal is to lose or gain weight stress can really affect your body’s digestive system and cause all sorts of different cravings for food as we try to ‘cope.’

What is Meditation?
Meditating retires your body & mind into a state of calmness. It also helps your body repair and helps to prevent the physical damage of stress. It keeps your mind calm, therefore, doesn’t trigger your body’s stress responses which can cause that physical and mental harm.

How do I Meditate?
Meditation is a skill that is learned and improved by practicing it on a frequent basis. It isn’t about thinking of ‘nothing’ but rather using the breath to soothe and calm your mind. Thousands of thoughts come into our minds consistently, but we can change how we react to these thoughts. 

When you start meditating, you may notice that your mind is busy and your body is restless- this is normal! Meditation is a skill that takes practice and patience. Thankfully, your body adapts quickly if you keep repeating something; therefore, it becomes easier to get into a ‘meditative’ state. 

– Start with a 2-5min meditation and then increase the length gradually. Going from nothing to 10 plus minutes can be too hard.
–  Pick a length that works for you. I find meditating for 10-12 mins enough for me. 
– Pick a type that suits you personally. No music or voice, music only meditation, talking mediation, etc. With talking meditation, there are a lot of types. I usually like to pick a topic related to what’s going on with me on the day. 
– Repeat the same one for a week and see what you notice about your thoughts, body sensations, and feelings over the course of the week. 

Recommended Types of Mediation:
– Mindful Meditation 
– Loving and Kindness Meditation 
– Body Scan Meditation 
– Walking Meditation 
– Mantra Mediation- Aka Positive Affirmation Mediation 

Below is a link to YouTube Channel I listen to and highly recommend. They have a great variety and I like their style!