Taupo 100km Race Report!

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all have had a good week. 
Thank you all for your support and messages over the past few days with the race-It all helped me get through. 

So what happened?
Wednesday– We drove down to Taupo and spent a couple of nights staying in town. 

Friday- We drove to Whakaipo Bay which is where the finish line of the race was. My family came down from Auckland and we caught up with them briefly on Friday night.

In the evening we had to go to the race briefing and I get my race pack-I was number 114.Chris helped me get my food and hydration ready which was a combination of moro bars, danishes, coke, coffee, water and a few other things. Yes this is one of the few times where eating high calorie junk food is ok as I’m simply burning so many calories that I just need quick carbs! Rest of the time as you know I eat mostly lower carbohydrate and higher healthy fats 🙂

It was an up and down evening and night, mixture of fear, excitement, anticipation and in the end was a little bit hyped- guess its the body’s adrenaline preparing for the day ahead.

Saturday- Race Day!
The alarm went off at 3:45am but feeling good and ready. Breakfast (scrambled eggs), tea and coffee for the road.  

The race started at 5:30am in the dark. My parents, brother and sister in law also came to send me off on my race. It was awesome having my family experience my first 100km with me. 

I saw Chris at the first aid station 13km in to do a quick hat swap and drop my head torch off. The next time I saw Chris and my family was at the 33km mark (about 4hrs into the race). Time to refuel and restock my race pack. 

I found that I was doing a lot of walking trying to keep my heart rate down. I was also noticing I was passing a few people by walking fast up hills. Funny things happen in running events where you yoyo with people until one of you drops the other! 

 At the 50km aid station I was slightly ahead of schedule and was feeling a little sore. Chris advised me to slow down which I did for a bit so I was then able to get my heart rate back under control. It was in this section of the race (50-76km) that I noticed that I was slowly starting to pass people- all the people that were running up those hills ahead of me earlier in the race! 

The next time I saw Chris was at Kinloch-76km in.  My feet started to hurt a bit and I could feel blisters forming-yuck. I was to scared to do a sock change so I just kept my shoes on. I was early here too and my family hadn’t got there get. I was quick through the aid station but luckily my family where able to see me on a road section as I was running. When I saw them I wanted to cry. I was getting tired and emotional but tried to keep in the moment to keep focused. 

So the plan for the last 24km was to ‘race’ and run as hard as I could. Chris was my pacer (runs with me) from here. He is there to keep me distracted, motivated and entertained. Mentally I was in a good headspace, my feet where a bit sore and I had eaten so much food along the way that I was feeling rather full. My full stomach was my biggest challenge for the last 24km. It was a funny place to be as I kinda needed to keep eating but I really didn’t want too. I managed to have a coke which helped me a bit because I was getting depleted even through I was fill. I also found that I would think about the finish and seeing my family and it would make me cry…. I just had to keep moving forward. 

When leaving Kinloch aid station (76km) I had been in around 21st position in the ladies field. In the last 24km of the race I passed many guys and girls. This is where my specific endurance training, race planning, and mental preparation was coming to the forefront 

On the home straight someone said I was under 13hours which gave me such a boost and I was able to sprint (surprisingly)  to the finish line from there. Chris was filming and sprinting at the same time- It was a funny sight! I crossed the finish line in 9th place female in 12:53. I was absolutely elated. It was an emotional finish with my family crying and great sense of achievement all round. 

This was a day to remember- the perfect first 100km race really and even more so with a top 10 finish! One thing I’ve learnt is we can only do as well as we can do within the realms of our abilities. This is what I love about any kind of walking or running event. Everyone has their different goals but we are all on the same start and finish line.

I have learnt so much from the race and I’m excited to see what happens in the future but for now its time for some rest!

Thank you so much for reading. While it’s nice to write this for memories I don’t write this for my sole benefit. My mission is to inspire other’s to find their start line whatever that may be, and to lead healthier and contented lives.

Ngā Mihi My friends, and much gratitude once again for your messages and support. Keep a look out for the race video coming soon!
Charlotte xx