Terms and Conditions


Your Custom Made Fitness Membership starts from the time that you join. At the end of your 7-day trial period, your first payment will be deducted from your credit/debit card that you used when you signed up.

Your membership is limited to 1 person only and a single account may not be shared with multiple users.

As part of your membership, you will receive newsletters from me about weekly updates, health and wellness related topics, and recipes. We do not let any third-party use any of your details for their sole purpose and you may opt-out of my emails at any time.

Training with Custom Made Fitness is subscription-based. Your payment will automatically be deducted from your credit/debit card in advance on a weekly basis following your 7-day trial. We do not accept any payments by bank deposit or bank transfer. All payment information is held by Stripe securely.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your membership at anytime, and your access will remain active for the current duration that you have paid for.

We do not want to take your money if you are not using our services. You may put your membership on hold at anytime for zero cost, this is handy for when ‘life happens!’

Consultation Fee (Applies only to Video Call, Go Personal and Go All In Plans)

There is a $45.00 ‘sign up’ fee which covers initial video call consultation for Go Personal & Go All In Plans. This is to just cover the time for our conversation, and the following processing of your consult info. I want to make the best possible workout plan for YOU!

There is no charge for the review consults in between 12-week blocks.

Video Call Subscription SessionsOne on One

My one on one Video Call Training Sessions are subscription-based and include a ‘sign up’ fee for the consultation process. This is so I can personalise our sessions so you get the best results! There is open term and 12 week discounted pricing.

Missing/Cancelling a Session

  • If your not able to make a session please give at least 12 hours’ notice and I will endeavor to provide a ‘catch up’ session.
  • Catch up sessions or rescheduling of sessions are at the discretion of Charlotte Milne Fitness, however, I will do everything I can to accommodate.


The information and training plans provided by Custom Made Fitness (Lets Get Active NZ Limited) are intended to help individuals improve their physical health and wellness. Results will vary from person to person based on many factors and Charlotte Milne Fitness will not be held responsible for any perceived non results, lack of results, or any overall health of an individual present or prior member.

As a member of Custom Made Fitness, you are responsible for your own health. If you have any concerns related to your health, please consult your GP or a Health Professional.

Recipes or Advice related to food is general only. If you have any underlying health issue, immunity, allergies, or eating dis-order please consult with your Health Professional.