Weekly Blog 28th Feb

I hope your week has been great! 

With all the excitement of the past few weeks behind us, it’s been really great just focusing on keeping things simple and getting some work done! We’ve been doing a lot of recording for our upcoming ”Let’s Go Run” programme. This is just like the normal ”Let’s Go” programme but more catered to runners. Being that myself and Chris are both long-distance runners we have been getting asked about this sort of stuff so it’s really nice to be able to make this. Dedicated runners aren’t the best at strength and mobility work (generally… they prefer spending time running!) so I’m keeping it simple so it can be achievable! 

We are still parked up in Rotorua area (Hamurana) and will be here for another 2 weeks before hitting the road again. Over the last week, we went to Mt Maunganui- Chris got his new glasses and we went for a run-up the Mt. The hard work is always worth the view when you go for a walk or run up The Mt right?