Wheat & Gluten

I thought this would be a good one this week as we had Spag Bog the other night- but a spag bog with a difference! 

You hear a lot about Gluten and ‘Gluten Free’ biscuits and bread and things like that. I’m going to keep things really simple and in line with one of my key ethics of just keeping it whole! 
For me I don’t eat wheat or gluten as a general rule- obviously occasionally when out or visiting its a different story but this would be once in a blue moon! It does taste nice right- but Gluten presents all sorts of issues in our bodies and even our minds such as bloating, inflammation, skin rashes/eczema, allergies, migraines, brain fog, and even depression.

Check out this video below it really captures it all. I’m not an expert, a doctor or even a nutritionist- but I do know from personal experience as well as working with other woman that cutting out wheat and gluten can improve weight loss as well as the above mentioned ailments. One key thing I notice is that I just feel lighter and feel better, my body isn’t working overtime to digest something it essentially cant digest.

One thing I will say in closing and the video does talk about it: Beware of Gluten Free products in packets! This does not mean it is healthy or good for you. As always my key simple message is trying to keep it whole foods, beware of packet foods in general (read the ingredients list), and where possible use organic.